Sound Birthing Music
Music Therapy Assisted Child Birth


Music Therapy Assisted Child Birth provides individuals with guided use of music to effectively manage labor and delivery with a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) present throughout. Clients learn to utilize music to calm, comfort, block discomfort, and focus breathing.


MTACB consists of individualized sessions using research-based protocol and carefully designed music programs (playlists) that the birthing client prepares with during pregnancy. The music programs promote a deep relaxation response as well as prenatal bonding with baby.

During pregnancy, the family is supported in creating a personalized womb song, which is used to bond prenataly with the baby and after birth for calming and postpartum bonding.


In-person support is provided throughout labor and delivery and the MT-BC assists in applying the music selections to provide a safe, supportive, nurturing/calm space in which to give birth.

MTACB Clients Receive:

  • Three, 60-minute prenatal sessions

  • One 60-minute postpartum session

  • Access to pre-programmed playlists utilized during all stages of labor

  • Personalized playlists for early labor support and postpartum bonding

  • Recording of womb song (written collaboratively with MT-BC)

  • In-person support during labor & delivery

Cost: $1000


*This service can also be provided in conjunction with a doula with whom the family is already working.