Postnatal Bonding with Sounding Bowl

We spent the last tri-mester of my pregnancy participating in a study utilizing a sounding bowl to bond prenatally with Baby O. During different times of day, any combination of myself, spouse, and our older son would play the sounding bowl to see how the baby would respond. I used it most frequently in the evenings for relaxation. This is O. 72 hours after his birth. He had been slightly fussy so I grabbed the sounding bowl and my camera to catch his response. He is seen here alert and calm. 

Dad and Baby Postnatal Bonding

with Womb Song

Here, my husband and our first baby bond postally with the baby's womb song played on a viola da gamba. A womb song is a song that the parent(s) write with their music therapist in order to enhance prenatal bonding with the baby. Womb songs are sung to the baby in utero as a way to promote bonding and relaxation. Womb songs help calmly transition the baby from the womb to the outside world. Postnatally, womb songs are used to continue bonding between the baby and parents and ease fussiness. 

*Note: this dad is a professional musician, but anyone can utilize a womb song. Your voice is the your baby's favorite sound.